Transfer Student Admission Policy

Students with higher academic standing or transfer students may apply to the Athletic Training Program and will be given equal consideration. Each student must make a commitment to the Athletic Training Program for a minimum of nine semesters. These students will need to formally apply and go through the Athletic Training Program curriculum at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Transfer students have a varied degree of credits that transfer into Concordia University Wisconsin, therefore each case is unique and must be looked at individually to determine the length of time and courses a transfer student will need.  If a transfer student is applying and has not been in an athletic training program, the minimum time required for our program is nine semesters and may be ten (depending on courses previously taken). These students must take all of the required Athletic Training Program courses.

Transfer students applying from another Athletic Training Program may have athletic training courses transfer but must meet specific criteria. These athletic training courses must meet our course content and the clinical competency requirements for each course. Documentation of all competencies must be provided. In addition, learning over time must be shown through assessment by the previous Athletic Training Program.  Each case is unique and will be reviewed to determine if transferring is a viable option.

Please review the university transfer policy in the Concordia University Wisconsin course catalog regarding university requirements.