Bioethics Undergraduate Minor

CUW’s undergraduate minor in Bioethics offers you the opportunity to examine the ethical questions that arise in biology and health care today. The Concordia Center for Bioethics seeks to help you build an informed, Christ-centered response to moral dilemmas in a broad range of topics from cloning and transhumanism to stem cell research and health care reform.

Why Study Bioethics at CUW?

  • Develop a deep appreciation for confessional Lutheran approaches to life issues
  • Thoughtfully consider bioethical issues from both a non-Christian and Christian perspective
  • Promote bioethical dialog at the local, state, and national levels
  • Model an attitude of respect for all points of view
  • Enjoy small class sizes and individual attention
  • Learn in a challenging academic community dedicated to your intellectual, social, and spiritual growth

Credit Hour Details

Total credit hours: 21   

Program Overview

This program accepts 6 credits of elective courses, allowing you to tailor a program to your specific needs and interests.

What you’ll Learn in Our Bioethics Minor

Our program teaches you how to:

  • Explain significant bioethical issues including human subject research, assisted reproductive technologies, and end-of-life care
  • Observe, assess, and interpret today’s cultures and worldviews 
  • Deliver and defend biblical truth in a relevant and practical way
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research skills in bioethics
  • Analyze foundations for human dignity
  • Evaluate ethical, political and policy issues in biology and health care
  • Apply a biblical understanding of the world that includes truth, vocation, ethical principles, and servant leadership
  • Examine topics from a theoretical and practical perspective by analyzing cases and issues in the fields of medicine, law, theology, philosophy, political science, and psychology

Career Choices

A minor in Bioethics qualifies you to serve on hospital ethics committees, institutional review boards, and other ethics committees. This added qualification makes you an attractive hire for the health care field, the private sector, and governmental agencies.

Complementary Majors/Minors

A minor in bioethics is a perfect complement to many majors and career paths including:

  • Pre-Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Rehabilitative Sciences
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Athletic Training
  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Social Work
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Business
  • Pre-Law
  • Education


CUW’s Bioethics minor includes courses such as Human Dignity, Bioethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society, Christian Caregiving, and a wide selection of electives including Environmental Ethics, Religion and Law, and Research Ethics. See our course catalog for a complete class listing.

High School Prep Courses

  • English
  • Math
  • Lab Science
  • Social Studies
  • Foreign Language