Elementary Education

One great teacher can change a child’s life. You could be that teacher. CUW’s Elementary Education program gives you the skills and training you need to teach and inspire children in grades 1-8.

Why Study Elementary Education at CUW?

CUW’s Elementary Education program gets you into the classroom:

  • Three clinicals help you measure your commitment to teaching
  • Field experience shows you how to plan, teach, and assess lessons in local schools
  • A full semester of student teaching during your final semester

Program Facts

  • Job placement rate: 99+%

Program Overview

CUW’s Elementary/Middle School Education program is built on a strong liberal arts foundation, a Christian emphasis, and offers public and Lutheran education tracks.

What You’ll Learn in CUW’s Elementary Education Program

In our program you’ll learn to:

  • Teach subjects such as math, science, reading and social studies
  • Apply theories of human development, learning and motivation to the classroom
  • Plan lessons, measure learning and manage a classroom
  • Teach health and physical education
  • Use technology in the classroom

Career Choices

Elementary Education graduates make a difference as:

  • Elementary school teachers
  • Subject-divided middle school teachers
  • Educational researchers
  • Curriculum specialists


Elementary/Middle School Education majors select a minor or pursue dual certification in regular and special education. Licensable subject area minors range from Adaptive Education and Athletic Coaching to Spanish and Environmental Science. See our course catalog for a complete list of minors.

Since most middle schools are departmentalized, you may want to select a minor for the subject area you’d like to teach.


Graduates are eligible for Wisconsin teaching certification in middle childhood through early adolescence (elementary and middle school). Students can also pursue dual certification in Elementary/Middle regular and cross-categorical special education.


Elementary Education majors complete CUW’s core curriculum, as well as a broad range of courses in the theory, practice and teaching of elementary and middle school children. Classes range from children’s literature to teaching health and physical education.

See our course catalog for the full curriculum.


Our program is accredited and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 1-800-441-4563, www.dpi.state.wi.us

High School Prep Courses

  • English
  • Math
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Writing


Dr. Renae MacCudden

Prof. Eugene Pitchford III