Environmental Studies

In CUW’s Environmental Studies program you’ll explore the impact human activity has on the natural world. You’ll combine science with creativity, teamwork and a passion for God’s creation to identify environmental problems, understand their causes, and build solutions.

Why Environmental Studies at CUW? 

A CUW degree in Environmental Studies offers you: 

  • A strong background in ecology and environmental science
  • Internships to gain lab or field experience
  • A wide variety of career options when combined with a required minor 

Program Overview

What You’ll Learn in CUW’s Environmental Studies Program

Our program will teach you:

  • Oceanography, earth science, zoology and ecology
  • Environmental politics and policy in the United States 
  • Secular and religious values impacting environmental care 
  • The laws, rules and regulations designed to preserve and protect our environment 
  • Man’s effect on his surroundings

Career Choices

  • Graduate studies in environmental science 
  • Environmental law 
  • Environmental consulting 
  • Lobbyist
  • Park naturalist


The Environmental Studies program includes coursework in biological, physical and earth sciences as well as environmental law and ethics. A variety of electives are available in subjects like meteorology, plant anatomy, and environmental policies. 

See our CUW course catalog for our full curriculum. 

Many students choose to utilize the required minor to prepare themselves for careers in areas such as...

  • Environmental Law
  • Public Policy
  • Park Service