Graduate Teacher Certification Program - Special Ed (GTCP-SE)

Program Overview:

Concordia’s Graduate Teacher Certification Program prepares students to earn initial licensure for elementary, secondary, or early childhood education. The Initial Teacher Licensure in Special Education provides educators with the opportunity to identify characteristics of children with disabilities, assess their individual needs, and design intervention strategies by adapting and/or accommodating instruction. Learn in a hands-on performance-based format to gain practical classroom experience and training in Wisconsin initiatives such as educator effectiveness, response to intervention, common core and literacy standards, differentiated and responsive teaching, and inclusive and co-teaching. Students who hold a Bachelor’s Degree can earn WI DPI #1801 licensure in Special Education as well as complete a Master’s of Science in Education.

Program Highlights

Credits: 37
Cost: $21,423
Tuition Discount: 25% off for Christian School Educators; 24% off for Preferred Educational Partners
Program Length: 24 months
Class Times: Online with one Saturday face-to-face meeting per course

Course Work

Course Name Credits
Term I (9 Credits Total)
EDC 835 Foundations of Special Education: Instructing Diverse Populations
EDC 836 Legal Foundations in Special Education
EDC 837 Teaching Mathematic Strategies
Term II (9 Credits Total)
EDC 838 Classroom and Behavior Management in SPED
EDC 839 Foundational Reading and Literacy Strategies
EDC 880 Portfolio I
EDC 840 Differentiated Reading Interventions for SPED
Term III (10 Credits Total)
EDC 841 Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies in SPED
EDC 842 Characteristics of and Interventions for Students with Significant Disabilities
EDC 843 Assessment and Progress Monitoring in SPED
EDC 868 Practicum
EDC 881 Portfolio II
Term IV (9 Credits Total)
EDC 844 Collaboration and Teaming for Effective Instruction
EDC 862 Clinicals
EDC 845 Special Education First 9 Week Placement Student Teaching (ELEM/MIDDLE Level)
EDC 846 Special Education Second 9 Week Placement Student Teaching (MIDDLE/HIGH Level)
EDC 882 Portfolio III