International Business

CUW’s International Business program offers you the global focus that today’s leaders need to effectively manage international business operations. If you like to travel, meet people from around the world, and solve complex challenges, International Business could be the career for you.

Why Study International Business at CUW?

CUW offers you:

  • Business studies built on Christian ethics
  • A diverse, international student body
  • A semester abroad with a business emphasis
  • Small class sizes and personal attention from professors
  • An undergraduate path into our global MBA program

Program Overview

Today’s businesses need qualified managers with an international perspective. CUW’s International Business program combines liberal arts and general business courses with foreign language studies and a semester abroad.

What You’ll Learn in our International Business Program

In our program you’ll study:

  • How business is conducted in and between nations
  • The effects financial systems, government policies, and cultural differences have on global business
  • IT tools that help people communicate, manage data, and solve problems
  • Foreign language and communication skills
  • How to manage complexity in an international environment
  • Marketing, risk management, and insurance

Career Choices

  • Import/export manager
  • International sales representative
  • International financial analyst
  • Market research director
  • Interpreter
  • Brand manager
  • Investment banker

Graduate Studies

A degree in International Business provides an excellent platform for graduate studies in CUW’s global MBA program, which offers 13 individual concentrations.


The International Business program is a three-part curriculum that includes a liberal arts core, general business studies, and courses in export sales, trade controls, foreign operations, monetary issues, international business policy, foreign language studies, and a semester abroad.

See our course catalog for our full curriculum.


For additional information on our international business program, please contact our admissions office.

Dr. Brad Condie