Liberal Arts

Chances are you’ll enjoy multiple careers during your lifetime. CUW’s Liberal Arts major, which includes our liberal arts core, teaches you the transferable skills needed to thrive in just about any career you choose.

Why Study Liberal Arts at CUW?

A CUW degree in Liberal Arts offers you:

  • A broad education that builds personal and vocational skills
  • Insights for Christian action in the world
  • Spiritual, academic, social, and physical development
  • Leadership skills that help you succeed in a complex society
  • Small class sizes and individual attention

Program Overview

CUW’s Liberal Arts major offers you a well-rounded education that includes our 48-credit core curriculum and 56-57 additional credits in a wide array of subject areas designed to develop the professional and interpersonal skills you’ll need to make meaningful contributions in your vocation of choice.

What You’ll Learn in the Liberal Arts Program

Liberal Arts courses build transferable skills that help you:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Solve problems
  • Think critically
  • Make sound decisions
  • Work within a team
  • Adapt to change
  • Write effectively

Career Choices

A Liberal Arts major prepares you for a wide variety of job opportunities and vocations as well as master’s degree work.  Liberal Arts majors go on to work in:

  • Business
  • Government
  • Academia
  • Non-profit

Complementary Majors/Minors

A Liberal Arts degree offers a powerful combination of interpersonal and technical skills when paired with other programs such as:


CUW’s Liberal Arts major includes 56-57 credit hours in:

  • English
  • Writing
  • Math
  • History
  • Computer science
  • Communication
  • Art/music/theatre
  • Physical development
  • Language
  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Natural science
  • Social science

Please see the course catalog for our full curriculum. 

Liberal Arts Core

Concordia University Wisconsin’s curriculum is built on a liberal arts core; a group of courses that provide our students with a starting point for success regardless of their major. This CORE represents: 

CChristian critical thinking with the ability to clearly communicate

Oopenness to others’ perspectives while embracing life-long learning

Rresponsible decision making and problem solving

Equipped to ethically thrive in the world while serving Christ and others

Components of a CUW Baccalaureate Degree

The core curriculum is the first part of a four-part curriculum needed to earn a baccalaureate degree:

  1. The core curriculum - 48 credits
  2. A major - minimum of 30 credits
  3. A minor different than your major - minimum of 18 credits (21 credit minimum for Education majors)
  4. Electives to reach a minimum of 126 credit hours needed to earn a baccalaureate degree at CUW

CUW’s Core Curriculum

CUW’s core curriculum consists of three categories of coursework:

  1. The Common Core
    • Students complete 15 credits in writing, Bible content, Christian doctrine, and civilization and worldviews.
  2. The Narrative Core
    • Within each of the following categories, students choose from several courses for a total of 12 credits.
      • Communications
      • Culture
      • Citizenship
      • Philosophical foundations
  3. The Elective Core

Students choose 21 credits from a range of courses that fit their interests and program requirements.

If you have any questions about our Liberal Arts core curriculum please give us a call. We’re happy to answer your questions.


For more information on the Liberal Arts program, please visit our admissions page,