Natural Science

Are there too many intriguing areas of science to pursue? In CUW’s Natural Science program, you don’t have to pick just one. We’ll give you a broad background in the four major science areas of physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology.

Why Study Natural Science at CUW?

A CUW degree offers you:

  • A broad liberal arts foundation
  • Small class sizes and individual attention
  • The science requirements necessary for graduate study
  • A balance between scientific and theological viewpoints

Program Overview

If you’re flexible, creative, and independent, CUW’s interdisciplinary Natural Science major will challenge you to use your mind in many different ways.

What You’ll Learn in the Natural Science Program

In our degree program you will:

  • Study the solar system, the sun and stars, the Milky Way and physical models of the universe
  • Explain weather events such as frontal passages, cloud formation, thunderstorms, and tornadoes
  • Investigate the chemical, geologic, physical, and biological features of Earth’s oceans
  • Explore the origin of life and the physical universe
  • Study the effects man has on his surroundings
  • Examine the plant and animal kingdoms

Career Choices in Natural Science

A degree in Natural Science is a great choice if you want to attend grad school in fields such as:

  • Medical technology
  • Public health
  • Forensic science

Areas of Emphasis

You can concentrate in:

  • Biology/environmental science
  • Physical science

Complementary Majors/Minors

The interdisciplinary nature of Natural Science makes it a great complement to a philosophy minor.


Natural Science majors complete CUW’s core curriculum, as well as a broad range of courses in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, and math.