Dr. Philip Arnholt

Title: Professor of Science
Office: CCES 104
Phone Number: 4200

Dr. Jon Barnett

Title: Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Office: Loeber 012E
Phone: x4394

Dr. Jordan Beck

Title: Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry
Office: Loeber 012D
Phone: x4267

Bruce Bessert

Director Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship
Office: CCES 102
Phone: x4555

Dr. Katie Bichler

Professor of Organic Chemistry and Assistant Department Chair
Office: Loeber 012A
Phone: x4426
Pre-Pharmacy Club Advisor

Dr. Don Korte

Professor of Science and Department Chair
Office: Siebert 007F
Phone: x4268

Dr. Mary Korte

Professor of Science
Office: Siebert 007
Phone: x4297

Dr. Jessica Loppnow

Assistant Professor – Natural Science
Office: Siebert 002A
Phone: x2047

Dr. Sarah Lovern

Associate Professor –Physiology
Office: Siebert 007B
Phone: x4292

Dr. Santa Makstenieks

Professor –Science
Office: Siebert 007A
Phone: x4256

Dr. Ann McDonald

Professor – Science
Office: Loeber 020
Phone: x4377
Biology Club Advisor

Dr. Aaron Miller

Assistant Professor – Physiology
Office: Siebert 007D
Phone: x4386

Dr. Tom Saleska

Professor – Science
Office: Siebert 002C
Phone: x4258

Dr. Paul Strycker

Assistant Professor – Science
Office: Loeber 13B
Phone: 4516

Dr. Dylan Thompson

Assistant Professor – Chemistry
Office: Loeber 012C

Dr. Rochelle VanHart

Assistant Professor – Science
Office: Siebert 002B
Phone: x4495

Dr. Scott VanOrnum

Assistant Professor – Chemistry
Office: Loeber 010
Phone: x4488

Dr. David Yahnke

Associate Professor – Science
Office: Siebert 007C
Phone: x2651

Dr. Michael Young

Associate Professor – Science and Assistant Department Chair
Office: Siebert 007B
Phone: x2046

Andrea Imhoff

Physical Science Lab Coordinator
Office: Loeber 006B
Phone: x4489

Lisa Stenulson

Life Sciences Lab Coordinator
Office: Rincker 022
Phone: x4514