Elective Courses

All Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) candidates are required to complete at least ten credit hours of Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy (CUWSOP) approved elective courses after matriculation to CUWSOP.  At least six of these hours must be obtained from elective courses offered by CUWSOP (i.e. internal courses), and the balance of credit hours may be obtained from courses external to CUWSOP (i.e. external courses).

Internal courses are those that are offered by CUW SOP faculty.  Students may also elect to take courses external to CUWSOP.  In order to receive elective credit toward the PharmD degree for an external course that is not currently approved, a student may request approval to enroll in the course by submitting an Elective Credit for an External Course request form.  Students are responsible for any additional tuition costs associated with taking an external course.

Approved External Electives

SW 375 Understanding Death and Dying

SW 375 Understanding Death and Dying examines the role of family, church and other social institutions in our experiences with death and dying.  The student will study current theories and practices related to death and dying from the standpoint of developmental and learning theory, and social and cultural attitudes and practices.  Theories regarding grief and loss are included.  The student will learn social work intervention skills and methods for working with the dying and survivors.  Prerequisites: Sophomore standing.  Cross listed as SOC 375.  3 credit hours

PHAR 601 Special Topics: Advanced Pharmaceutical Compounding (2 credits)

Offered through the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA)

Course Description

The course will provide advanced training in the art, science, and technology of pharmaceutical compounding. Reading assignments and online class participation will facilitate the generation of a learning community and multi-input discussions about the course materials. Hands-on laboratory exercises will reinforce the entire learning experience. The course has two components: an online component that contains 4 to 6 hours of didactic work per week, and a laboratory experience that contains two 8-hour laboratory exercises.  This course must be taken as a Special Topics course and requires a faculty advisor to apply credit toward the CUW SOP PharmD degree.

Veterinary Pharmacy Course (2 Credits)

Herbal and Dietary Supplements Online Course

External Elective Opportunities

Interested CUW SOP students can take courses external to the CUW SOP for elective credit.  In order for a course to count toward CUW SOP elective requirements, the course must be approved by the CUW SOP Curriculum Committee.  Students interested in an unapproved external elective should complete an Elective Credit for an External Course Request Form.  Students are responsible for covering any additional cost associated with an external elective course.

If there is a course that you are interested in taking and wish to get approved, please take a moment to fill out our Elective Credit for an External Course request form here.