Language Placement

What Spanish course should I start with?

CUW does not currently use a placement test, so please use the following guide to decide which course should be your first Spanish course:

            Years of high school Spanish: Enroll in:

  • 0 years - SPAN 101
  • 1 year - SPAN 102
  • 2 years - SPAN 201 (or 102 if it’s been a while)
  • 3 years - SPAN 202 (or 201 if it’s been a while)
  • 4 years - SPAN 301 (or 202 if it’s been a while)
  • 5 years or AP Spanish - SPAN 301

If you are unsure which course to take, please contact Professor Ramsey at

What if the semester started and I think I’m in the wrong class?

  • Talk to your professor right away. They can tell if you should switch or if you’re just a little rusty.
  • If you do need extra help --regardless of the level--please:
    • Go to the Learning Resource Center and arrange for free tutoring
    • Discuss your concerns with your professor
    • Take advantage of resources on this website and links