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It’s great that we live in an age when it’s easier than ever for adults to continue their education, and we want to empower you to help them thrive. Adults learn differently than children do. This program will help you learn strategies geared toward making you a strong educator focused on helping adults achieve their unique goals.

Cost Per Credit$614
  • Adult Educator
  • Vocational Educator
  • Education Administrator
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Program Overview

You might be surprised by how many opportunities present themselves to fostering adult learning within a professional setting – whether you’re in the business world, at a non-profit or governmental organization, or wherever. This five-course sequence will teach you valuable information about the discipline of adult learning and continuing/community education in multiple contexts.

To be clear, you’ll want to know that everything beyond K-12 can be considered adult education. Start with EDG 963 Foundations and/or EDG 964 The Adult Learner, which familiarize you with the breadth of learning in adulthood. The next two courses – EDG 965 Program Planning and  EDG 966 Strategies for Teaching and Learning – will teach you how to develop an overall plan for a program and then help you develop a unit or a course for adult learners (within a context of your choice). The final course - the last course you would take -  provides an overview of leadership and administration of adult and community education from a servant leadership perspective. This program is only available online, giving you exposure to many of the adult learning opportunities today, especially those available online.

Each course runs for eight weeks in a collaborative format, which means you and all your fellow students will proceed together, week to week, as you move through the program. Instead of tests for learner evaluation, this program emphasises projects and papers which enable you to connect and apply what you bring to the program with what you learn in the courses.

Educator discounts

  • Students at one of our many Preferred Educational Partnership Schools can join a cohort at Concordia in the area of education and get 24% off of their tuition.
  • Educators currently working in a Christian K-12 school may receive a 25-percent tuition discount on any graduate-level education program or course.
What to Expect

You will emerge from this program equipped with relevant, practical strategies for opening up a world of learning for educating adults and your community.


In addition to our main and online campuses, Concordia has center locations which offer accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs close to where you live and work. The Graduate Certificate in Adult and Community Education program is available at the following:

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