Master of Science in Education - Early Childhood Education

A master’s degree in education - early childhood education from Concordia


Department of Early Childhood

Help children grow in mind, body, and spirit

As an educator, you are entrusted with our most precious resources. Children need a caring, safe environment conducive to learning. In this program you will gain a deep understanding of the stages of child development and learn how to support the needs of children and their families.

Program Overview

Did you know, before the age of eight, children learn primarily through play? Early childhood is a time of tremendous growth and development. It is also an entirely unique time of life. Children need a good balance of freedom and boundaries.  They need empathy, attention, and guidance. Relevant educators understand the complexity and importance of this time in a child’s life and are equipped to provide students what they need to grow. The early childhood program immerses you in the theories of childhood development, provides strategies for early literacy, and makes you aware of family and community partnerships.

Educator discounts

  • Students at one of our many Preferred Educational Partnership Schools can join a cohort at Concordia in the area of education and get 24% off of their tuition.
  • Educators currently working in a Christian K-12 school may receive a 25-percent tuition discount on any graduate-level education program or course.
What to Expect

You will emerge from the early childhood program inspired by the wealth of knowledge and practical experience gained during your study. You’ll be fully prepared to create developmentally appropriate curricula, administer meaningful assessments, and understand how you can best encourage learning for each child’s stage in life. Most importantly, you’ll feel strengthened in your calling as an early childhood educator. You’ll have a new appreciation for the wonder and potential inside of every student. And you’ll feel eager to use the lessons you’ve learned in the classroom and to see the impact they will make.

Concentrations / Specializations

Accomplished Early Childhood Teacher in Literacy Early Childhood Program Administrator


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