Master of Science in Education - Educational Design and Technology

Our Master’s degree in Educational Design and Technology is a one of a kind, project-based, digital badge awarding, program for innovative thinkers


Department of Graduate Education

Everyone needs to innovate

This project-based program is perfect for anyone who educates others and is passionate about innovation. That means teachers, certainly. However it also means designers, human resource personnel, marketers, and numerous other types of professionals. Since it is project based, you learn in ways most relevant to your goals and needs. Another unique feature of this program is that, as you progress, you will earn digital badges that prove your competency in dozens of areas. You can use these badges before you graduate to show employers your new skills.

Program Overview

Ever imagine your coursework could actually lead to a startup? Or perhaps an exciting new innovation in education? A game changing educational product? In this program, we’ve already seen those outcomes.  With a project-based curriculum, you apply lessons in ways relevant to your goals. You’ll have the pleasure of having classmates who are just as excited about revolutionary design and inspirational usage of technology as you. Who knows what you’ll dream up! You can also show off your newly acquired skills through digital badges. It’s our way of ensuring you have complete mastery of every component in your chosen field before you graduate. Each digital badge can be applied to your resume, showing employers your competency with specific skills - all before you are finished with the program.

Educator discounts

  • Students at one of our many Preferred Educational Partnership Schools can join a cohort at Concordia in the area of education and get 24% off of their tuition.
  • Educators currently working in a Christian K-12 school may receive a 25-percent tuition discount on any graduate-level education program or course.
What to Expect

By the time you complete this program, you’ll be able to facilitate and inspire learning through the use of existing and emerging technologies. You’ll be able to design effective and engaging learning experiences, modeling digital-age work, research, collaboration and learning. You’ll also acquire a deep understanding of how to promote and model digital citizenship within the context of the digital age. As a graduate, you’ll champion research and data-driven decisions about technology-enhanced teaching and learning environments. Lastly, you’ll also engage in ongoing professional growth and leadership.


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