For the beauty of the Earth

God has entrusted us with the care of this planet since week #1. It’s a momentous task, but we can equip you to stand on the front line. Whether you’re interested in oceanography, law and policy, zoology, or ecology … a minor in Environmental Science Education offers a plethora of career options, as well as a wide variety of electives to supplement your interests.

Program Overview

You care a lot about the earth and keeping it fit for future generations. So do we! Our Environmental Studies program starts you on a career path where you can ENJOY this wonderful planet we’ve been given and HELP it at the same time! Our program offers a comprehensive education in ecology and environmental science. We touch on secular and religious values impacting the environment and look at how mankind affects the earth. We also equip you to identify environmental problems, understand their causes, and build solutions.

What to Expect

Whether you want to be a park naturalist, a lobbyist, work in environmental law or counseling, or even go on to complete your graduate studies in environmental science, we’ve got you covered. Our Environmental Studies program includes coursework in biological, physical, and earth sciences as well as environmental law and ethics. Electives are also available in fields such as meteorology, plant anatomy, and environmental policies.

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