Minor in History Education

The History Education minor allows you to teach the future generation about patterns in history with a focus in U.S., European or Global perspectives


Department of Secondary & K12 Education

Teach God’s influence throughout history

You can guide students through the chronology, major events and themes so they may understand how society was shaped. You will be able to teach about faith, leadership and culture in different periods throughout history. Support our youth as they obtain knowledge of how God has revealed himself in important events throughout time and around the world.

Program Overview

You will lead them as they learn to interpret historical information and milestones and form their own opinions to become responsible, thoughtful constituents. You will help them understand new outlooks on culture, both hopeful and tragic that are a part of our rich history. Provide a picture of civilization and how humanity has been through conflict and peace and progressed over time. You will impart the wisdom of the ages and open the minds of students to give insight to their potential. You can teach students about inspiring figures throughout history to motivate them to lead meaningful lives themselves.

What to Expect

As a History Education Minor, you can choose a focus that meets your needs for development as an educator. You can study with an emphasis on U.S. History, European History or Non-Western Global History.

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