Work and see the world

It truly is a global economy. And perhaps there’s a place for you somewhere in the mix. This program centers on international finance and global economics, offering you the global focus that today’s leaders need to effectively manage international business operations.

Sample Careers
  • Business Teacher
  • Marketing Manager
  • Bus. Intelligence Analyst
Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

You’ll find evidence of our global economy in the stuff you use every day – the stuff that adds quality to your life: your phone, your computer, your car, even the clothes on your back. The truth is, much of it was built in a foreign country and imported before it went up for sale here at home. A bachelor’s in international business will help you understand the complexity of international business operations. The program combines liberal arts and general business courses with foreign language and communication studies, and a semester abroad to set you on the path to become a qualified manager with an international perspective. You’ll learn how business is conducted both in and between different nations, while studying the effects financial systems, government policies, and cultural differences have on the global economy. You’ll understand how different IT tools help people communicate, manage data, and solve problems. You’ll dip into marketing, risk management, and insurance. And you’ll gain valuable insight in how to manage complexity in an international environment.

What to Expect

Upon graduating, you’ll be well-versed in global issues that will make you a qualified business manager with an international perspective, which is needed in today’s business world.

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