Caregiving from a Christian perspective

So, what do you do when you have a passion and calling for caregiving, but you also feel pulled toward a ministerial vocation in the church? You could fulfill both callings at once with our parish nursing and congregational health certification program. Perfect for those of you who work – or would like to work – in faith-based institutions. We offer several pathways to serve in congregational health ministries: Four-day Intensive Workshops, Annual Parish Nurse and Congregational Health Conferences, and Christian Caregiving courses.


Caregiving from a Christian perspective

  • Parish Nurse
  • Nursing Instructor
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

Since 1989, Concordia University Wisconsin has offered educational programs in congregational health ministries.  More than 4,100 nurses and others have been introduced to the concept of Christian caregiving as parish nurses, including strategies to begin a congregational health ministry. This program integrates a Christian caregiving framework to developing a holistic congregational health and parish nurse ministry.

In addition to this certificate, Concordia also offers Christian Caregiving classes available to degree-seeking students.

What to Expect

This program tackles parish nursing from all angles. You’ll get historical context, philosophy, theological frameworks, legal perspectives, and ethics. You’ll learn about Jesus’ own caregiving, and the caregiving that took place in the early church. You’ll get information on how to best serve people in crisis (from grief management to loss and depression to acute and chronic illness, and more.) You’ll learn documentation techniques, how to set up a parish nurse practice and office in your own church, and hear firsthand accounts from other parish nurses who have been there and done that.

You’ll look at different cultures and how they affect the practice of parish nursing. And you’ll learn about the mighty “B” word … budgeting. But the truth is, this is just scratching the surface. This program offers a wonderfully in-depth examination of what it means – and what it takes – to be a parish nurse. 

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