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In our innovative Master of Product Development (MPD), students learn by doing, and engaging with local experts in varying industries who design and teach our courses. This Food and Beverage (FaB) track dives into the FaB development process from concept to marketplace, package design, marketing, and management.

Cost Per Credit$857
  • Food Scientist
  • Agricultural Technician
  • Environmental Scientist
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Program Overview

The food and beverage track of the MPD, explores the business of food and beverage development; from the development process in the marketplace, to package design, to marketing and management. You’ll partner with industry leaders on projects, and perform work in state-of-the-art food science and sensory labs.

Of course, a program like this wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t teach you the entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to start your own company. But you’ll also learn to build critical-thinking and teamwork skills through case-based teaching and labs, blending technical skills with business, legal, regulatory, and compliance knowledge. You’ll learn how to use analytics and demand projections to make management decisions, while using concepts—like Lean Six Sigma and sensitivity analysis—to solve operations and process-optimization challenges. 

Why an MPD in Food and Beverage?

  • The food and beverage industry in Wisconsin is large, ranking 4th in the country
  • This degree is focused on training students to work in the area of new product development and launch
  • The degree was developed with input from industry experts from Sargento, Sendik's, Palermos, Kwik Trip, and the Food and Beverage Trade Organization for Wisconsin (FaB)
  • This program is unique in the state, with its focus on new product development and launch, blending business, science, marketing, and the culinary arts

Wisconsin's Food and Beverage Industry

This industry is large, and there are many Wisconsin companies looking to hire skilled employees in this area. The Milwaukee region alone has 253 food and beverage manufacturers with 15,000 workers. And 7 of the 11 largest manufacturers are located here. Food manufacturing represents 9% of the manufacturing sector. Examples of major Wisconsin food and beverage companies include Johnsonville Foods, Miller, Woodmans, and more.

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What to Expect

You’ll learn a lot in this program—from conceptualization and design to development and marketing. Professionally, you’ll be prepared to fill an unmet need in the industry. That is, after all, what launching a new product is all about.

Want more details?

  • 48 credits/2 year program
  • Taught by industry experts
  • Seminar series with industry leaders
  • Thesis project is an actual corporate partner project or a product launch
  • The curriculum is built around an MPD core
  • The central course requirement for all students is a 2-semester "Food and Beverage Product Development and Launch" class that walks students through the entire process from ideation to launch
  • CUW is in the process of building a space for this MPD track, including an innovative food science and sensory lab to conduct proper product research. See full details on our new building here.

In addition to our main and online campuses, Concordia has center locations which offer accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs close to where you live and work. The Master of Product Development - Food and Beverage program is available at the following:

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