Master of Product Development in Food and Beverage Product Development

Through our Master of Food and Beverage Product Development program, you’ll become a master innovator who understands how to identify significant opportunities and launch successful new products and services.


Department of Business

Products are being introduced to the market every day, make yours one of them

The road to product development can be a tricky and time-consuming one to navigate, but don’t let that diminish the excitement, reward, and greater good that can come from turning your innovation into a marketable product. Our program will help guide you through the development process and equip you with the resources, expertise, and connections you’ll need to join a thriving industry.

Program Overview

Our MPD program provides real-world skills in multiple tracks: pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage. The food and beverage track, housed within the Batterman School of Business, dives into the business of food and beverage development, from the development process in the marketplace, to package design, to marketing and management. You’ll partner with industry leaders on product development projects, and you’ll perform work in state-of-the-art labs that are cGMP, Cleanroom 100, ISO 5, and USP 797 compliant.

Of course, a program like this wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t teach you the entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to start your own company. But you’ll also learn to build critical-thinking and teamwork skills through case-based teaching and labs, blending technical skills with business, legal, regulatory, and compliance knowledge. You’ll learn how to use analytics and demand projections to make management decisions, while using concepts—like Lean Six Sigma and sensitivity analysis—to solve operations and process-optimization challenges. And finally, if you didn’t know it before, you’ll have the Triple Bottom Line burned into your brain throughout the course of this program: people, profit, and planet, with a focus not only on sustainability, but on how to boost it.

What to Expect

You’ll learn a lot in this program—from conceptualization and design to development and marketing. Professionally, you’ll be prepared to fill an unmet need in the industry. That is, after all, what launching a new product is all about.


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