Applying evidence of what truly works to practicing patient-care

The Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science (MSRS) Program is intended for international students with a bachelor degree in physical or occupational therapy. As a MSRS student, you’ll enjoy face-to-face learning and personal attention from CUW’s occupational and physical therapy faculty. They are going to further develop your knowledge in key areas of rehabilitation science including pediatrics, gerontology, adult neurological and orthopedic conditions, and industrial rehabilitation. Yes, it is a lot, but it is so worthwhile. All of this can be completed in a 12-month period, beginning in the fall semester each year.

Cost Per Credit$870

Full- and part-time options available.

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Program Overview

What comes next? You’ve completed your professional undergraduate preparation in occupational or physical therapy and you're looking into your options. Perhaps the best route is to continue in a master's program that is specific enough to further your career, yet expansive enough to continue creating options for you.

Consider adding a bachelor's degree in public health which will give you the skills and understanding to help protect and promote the health of the general population through prevention and health equity. Knowledge in public health will enhance your abilities to serve your patients.

What to Expect

The Master of Science in Rehabilitations Science (MSRS) is a great option for you, because it allows you to continue broad-based learning at an advanced level. Our courses emphasize studying and applying evidence of what truly works to practicing patient-care. This means we prioritize evidence and clinical-based learning, which gives you the opportunity to put theories into practice. You’ll learn the speciality areas within clinical practice, the research know-how to further advance the field, and the leadership skills that allow you succeed in any setting.


*Please note that the next available cohort is scheduled to start in Fall of 2024

Questions? We’re here to help