Minor in Secondary and K-12 Athletic Coaching

Set out to be a good teacher. Become a great one with our Minor in Secondary & K-12 Athletic Coaching.


Department of Secondary & K12 Education

Empower students as learners

Sport is a mecca for youth these days, and a perfect microcosm for life itself, with all its great lessons. As such, it provides coaches with the perfect platform to impart those lessons – a unique and captivating framework for Christian teachers to guide and shape our youth. With a minor in coaching, you can serve as mentors—teaching the art of the sport they know best, while keeping the focus firmly on Christ.

Program Overview

Every athlete has at least one. One coach you can look back on with utmost admiration and respect for the way they made a difference in your life? Now, it’s your turn to step into that role and become a positive influence on today’s youth. To be that coach whose lessons go way beyond the field or the court. To serve as a Christian guide and mentor through competition and sport. Choose the one you love best, and turn it into a calling by minoring in Athletic Coaching.

What to Expect

Teach the game you love to the youth of today and make a difference that will impact who they become tomorrow. This minor is available for students enrolled in the Elementary/Middle School Education program and also available for K12/Secondary students.

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