Minor in Secondary Chemistry Education

Set out to be a good teacher. Become a great one with our minor in secondary chemistry education.


Department of Secondary & K12 Education

Empower students as learners

Fact: chemistry is happening around us every minute of every day, and it usually goes unnoticed by the unknowing eye. When you strike a match, when you chew your food. Heck, every time you take a breath! When you teach a child about the wonders of chemistry, you open their eyes to the majesty of God’s creation. Supplement your secondary education major with a minor in chemistry education, and prepare to open the eyes and minds of every youth that passes through your classroom.

Program Overview

The aim of this minor is to equip you with a foundation in chemistry so you that you can educate your students with the wonders of this field of study. Expect to be challenged on a regular basis. Our professors have designed a rigorous curriculum to help you advance your understanding of chemistry as a field of study.

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