Minor in Secondary English Education

Set out to be a good teacher. Become a great one with our minor in secondary English education.


Department of Secondary & K12 Education

Empower students as learners

English is one of the most versatile degrees you can pursue, because the skills you learn are transferable. Critical thinking, reading comprehension, writing, and communication are essential in pretty much any career field – not to mention your personal life. As a secondary education teacher, you’ll not only gain these skills for yourself, you’ll understand how to pass them on to your students, setting them up for a successful life of learning.

Program Overview

A minor in English will allow you to explore the language, literature, and expression of the Western canon in the context of education. In order to demonstrate your understanding of texts and ideas, you’ll be regularly asked to write analytically and creatively. Professors will motivate you to think critically about texts and consider them within a Christian context, applying their lessons to your day to day life.

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