Minor in Secondary Psychology Education

Study how to teach through the principles and theories of psychological practice and work with the whole student with the Psychology Education Minor.


Department of Secondary & K12 Education

Educate mind, body, and soul

Through the life of an educator and Christian, working through the lens of psychology, you will be able to see people more clearly and teach your message more powerfully. The experience you gain will give you the major tenets of human development, personality, social psychology, motivation and cognition. With these tools, you will become a more dynamic and flexible teacher to apply to multiple styles of learning and customize the approach per student need.

Program Overview

Child and adolescent development courses will allow you to make choices in the classroom about discipline, emotional well-being and group dynamics that will be beneficial to the student. You can build an environment that encourages mental health, self-awareness, and perseverance. Your ability to understand the inner-workings of the mind will help you identify potential learning disabilities, guide parents to appropriate resources and ultimately help students grow. Your work in theories of learning will promote optimal development in your students.

What to Expect

The Psychology Education Minor will ground you in the fundamentals of general, abnormal, and experimental psychology. It will help you to be a more thoughtful researcher and gain from your observations and data collected within an education setting. The Psychology Education Minor is licensable (1740). The Psychology Education Minor includes 18 credits.

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