Minor in Secondary Speech Communication Education

Set out to be a good teacher. Become a great one with our minor in secondary speech communication.


Department of Secondary & K12 Education

Empower students as learners

Most students shudder at the mere mention of public speaking. Not you, your students. Your future students, that is. But you have an opportunity to change that. A minor in speech communication will not only help you strategize methods of getting your students past their fear, it will empower you to help them becoming gifted communicators. And what’s more, it will do the same for you.

Program Overview

It’s simple really: communication is kind of important. If you want to engage in quality interactions, you’ve got to be a good communicator. The speech communication minor teaches the skills you’ll want to impart to your students as a means of strengthening their ability to share ideas, speak with poise, and inspire them to think deeply about your message. It will help you understand the process of public speaking, so you can help your students turn their ideas into advanced communications. You’ll learn how to apply practical skills and group dynamics in the classroom, while strengthening cross-cultural communication effectiveness.

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