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If you think of public speaking as an opportunity to share and give value to your listeners, then the Speech Communication Minor is for you. This minor is a relevant accompaniment to many of the available majors in education as it will give you methods to become a more thoughtful teacher.

Program Overview

The skills learned here strengthen your ability to share ideas, speak with poise and inspire others to think deeply about your message. The Speech Communications Minor will help you understand the process of public speaking, turning ideas into advanced communications. Quality interactions and clear interpersonal communication is fundamental for living in harmony and working well with others. You will learn how to apply practical skills and understand group dynamics, whether addressing a small or large audience. The courses you will take will also strengthen your cross-cultural communication effectiveness.

What to Expect

The Speech Communication Minor is available with multiple School of Education majors including the Early Childhood Education and Elementary/Middle-School Education Major. You can expect to gather information, organize, style and practice exercises from informal to formal speeches. You will learn deep listening, how to conduct accurate research and use visual aids. It is licensable (1320) in the Elementary/Middle-School Education Major. The Speech Communication Minor includes 18 credits.

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