Parking on the CUW Campus

Campus Parking Map

General Vehicle Registration Information

  • All students and employees bringing a vehicle to campus must register it with the Campus Safety Office.
  • All resident students must register their vehicles and obtain a new parking permit each academic year.
  • Commuter students must register annually at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Students and employees can only have one vehicle on campus at a time.
  • Resident students can have an automobile and a motorcycle on campus at the same time if the motorcycle is parked in the designated motorcycle parking areas.
  • Additional vehicle(s) may be towed and stored off campus at the owner’s expense.

How to Register Your Vehicle

Have the vehicle make, model, color, year and license plate number handy

  • Start by signing into the CUW Portal:
  • At the top of the Portal, navigate to the Student or Employee tab
  • Look for a “SafetyNet Systems” channel / box
  • Select “Register My Auto”
  • Next, select “New Vehicle”, and complete the form
  • After registering online, pick up your sticker at the Campus Safety Office, located in lower Rincker Hall, room R023
  • Attach the registration sticker to the outside of the rear window on the driver’s side of the vehicle

Campus Parking Rules and Regulations

The operation and/or parking of a motor vehicle on the Concordia University WI campus is a privilege given to all students and employees.  Campus parking lots are designated by the letters A through Q. The rules and regulations that govern this privilege are as follows:

Registration Fee

  • $200 parking fee per year for resident students keeping a vehicle on campus 
  • The parking fee will be charged to the students university account.

Parking Permits and Restrictions

Concordia University parking permits are color coded as follows:

  • Blue: Employee
  • Green: Commuter Students
  • Red: Resident Parking Structure
  • Black: Resident Surface Lot

Resident students are required to register their vehicles and obtain a new parking permit each academic year. 

Commuter students must register their vehicles when their first class begins and at the beginning of each academic year.

Parking Lot Restrictions

  • Resident students who have been issued a RED Resident Parking Structure permit must park in the parking structure at all times.
  • Resident students who have been issued a BLACK Resident Surface Lot parking permit must park in the designated overnight Parking Lots M, N, P, and Q on the East side of Campus after midnight. On the West side of Campus overnight parking is allowed in Lot F. Resident Surface Lot permits will only be issued to resident students who have earned 90 or more credits.
  • Commuter students who have been issued a GREEN Commuter Parking Permit may park in any surface parking lot, not in the parking structure.
  • Faculty and Staff members who have been issued a BLUE Employee Parking Permit may park in any surface parking lot, but not in the parking structure while school is in session.

Traffic & Parking Enforcement

  • Campus Safety is responsible for traffic control and parking enforcement on campus.

Guest Parking

  • Students and employees are not permitted to park in designated Guest Parking spaces.

Temporary Parking

  • Students and employees who bring a non-registered vehicle onto campus for more than one day must obtain a temporary permit from the Campus Safety Office (Rincker 023).
  • Temporary permits are valid for up to 7 days.

Handicapped/Disabled Parking

  • Several areas on campus are reserved for those with state-issued handicapped/disabled parking permits.
  • Requests for special parking arrangements due to a temporary medical condition should be directed to the Director or Assistant Director of Campus Safety.

Overnight Parking

  • Overnight parking restrictions are in effect from 12:00AM until 5:00AM daily.
  • Employees and Commuter Students leaving a vehicle on campus overnight must notify Campus Safety by calling (262) 243-4344 or via email

Motorcycle Parking

  • Motorcycles must be registered with Campus Safety.
  • Motorcycles must be parked in designated campus areas.
  • Motorcycles may not be parked in the same parking space as a vehicle.
  • Motorcycle parking is available in Lots H, I and N.
  • Resident students with a motorcycle must park in the designated area in the parking structure.

Vehicle Towing Policy

Concordia reserves the right to tow any vehicle from university property for the following violations:

  • Parked in a designated fire lane.
  • Parked blocking access to a trash dumpster.
  • Parked blocking access to the loading dock.
  • Parked in a handicap space without proper permit.
  • Parked in a posted "No Parking" zone.
  • A vehicle determined to be abandoned, a hazard or an obstruction.
  • A vehicle in violation of any campus policy.
  • Any vehicle not removed from a parking lot that has been closed for a special event or snow removal.
  • Repeated violations of the parking rules and regulations which has resulted in the issuance of three (3) or more parking tickets.

The vehicle owner will be responsible for all costs associated with the towing and storage of their vehicle if towed for any of the above listed reasons.

Parking Citations

Vehicles parked in violation of these rules will be issued a citation for the violation every 24 hours.  Habitual violators will be charged through the Student Conduct Code.  Habitual violator is defined as an individual receiving three (3) or more parking or traffic citations per year. Citation fines may be paid in the Cashiers Office located in Luther Hall room LU104 or log onto the portal at  and follow the “Register My Auto” link on the “Campus Life” tab or “Employee” tab. Failure to pay a citation within 14 calendar days from the date of issuance will result in the fine being doubled and charged on the student/employees university account.

Citation Appeals

  • Parking citation appeal can be completed by logging onto the portal at  and follow the “Register My Auto” link on the “Campus Life” tab or “Employee” tab. 
  • Appeal forms must be completed within 14 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued. 
  • After your appeal is reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Students (AL 107),  you will receive an email notification as to the disposition of the citation.  

Parking Structure Regulations

  • Use of the students Falcon One card may be required for access to the Parking Structure.
  • Handicapped spaces are reserved for persons with appropriate placard and/or plates only.
  • The parking structure permit is non-transferable and is only to be used by the individual it was originally issued to.
  • The speed limit within the parking structure is eight miles per hour (8 MPH).  Please observe this for the safety of all persons.
  • All drivers must follow the directional signage and markings while in the parking structure.
  • Vehicles must be parked in one parking space and in the center of that space.  Vehicles occupying more than one parking space may be issued a parking ticket and towed at the owner’s expense.
  • If you are found responsible for causing damage to the parking structure or equipment, any other person’s vehicle or property or for violation of any of these rules, you may have your parking privileges revoked and be subject to a police investigation and/or restitution.
  • Concordia University assumes no responsibility for losses by fire, theft, collision, or otherwise, to any vehicle or its contents occurring anywhere on campus.
  • Campus Safety reserves the right to close/block exits and entrances at any time to accommodate large crowds and provide a safe environment for pedestrians.  We also reserve the right to relocate permit holders as needed.
  • There is no smoking or loitering allowed in the parking structure. Once your vehicle is parked, you are expected to exit the parking structure.
  • Resident student guests are not allowed to use the parking structure.  All guests must register at the Campus Safety Office with the resident student present. Guests will then be instructed where to park.
  • Vehicles determined to be not in operable condition, must be removed off campus within three days or they may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Use of the parking structure for automotive repairs of any type is prohibited.
  • Students applying for a refund due to moving off campus at semester must report to the Campus Safety Office for processing. Current permits will be expired and the referred to the Cashiers office.
  • Use of skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, etc. in the parking structure is prohibited.

Concordia University reserves the right to modify or change parking rules and regulations or void parking permits as deemed necessary.

Parking Lot Escorts

  • Campus Safety Officers will provide an escort to or from any parking lot on campus to the closest building entrance for any student or employee upon request.  Students requesting an escort to the parking structure should meet Campus Safety Officers at the entrance to Albrecht/Wartburg.
  • Concordia University reserves the right to modify or change parking rules and regulations or void parking permits as deemed necessary. 
  • If your vehicle is found in violation of any of these rules and regulations, it may be ticketed and towed at your expense, including applicable storage fees.

Please contact the Campus Safety Office with any parking questions you may have.

Rincker 023