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At Concordia University, our faith provides a strong foundation for everything we do, from our curricula, to how we teach, to how we support our students.

We are pleased to offer a variety of online faith and learning programs, as well as resources to help you learn more about the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Access recordings and access handouts from previous Faith, Learning and Vocation programs and projects below.

Global Learning Outcome #1 - Christian Faith

Our graduates are grounded in the Christian faith while also recognizing other major worldviews and how they differ from a Christian understanding of the world.

Concordia's six Global Learning Outcomes flow from our mission of helping students develop in mind, body and spirit in service to Christ in the Church and in the World. Read more about all six Global Learning Outcomes: link

See how Concordia Faculty embed Christian Faith in course work: link

Faith, Learning and Vocation Series

2014-2015 Faith, Learning, and Vocation Seminar Series: A Concordia Primer for Faith and Learning. Dr. William Cario (Concordia University)

2013-2014 Faith, Learning, and Vocation Seminar Series: A Place to Stand, A Place of Refuge: The Adventures and Consolations of the Christian Academic. Dr. Angus Menuge (Concordia University Wisconsin)

2012-2013 Faith, Learning, and Vocation Seminar Series: Incorporating Faith & Vocation into the Professional Programs” Donald Christian (Concordia University Texas)

Additional Programs

A Gospel Understanding of Human Nature, presented by Jason Lane (Concordia University)
This series of Twenty-minute Topics” by Concordia University Wisconsin Theology Faculty is a project between the Center of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) and the Office of Extended Campus Operations (ECO) to develop Faith, Learning, and Vocation content that can be used at a distance.

Lutheran Understanding of Vocation with Tom Feiertag

Three Biblical Themes by Dan Paavola

Law and Gospel with John Oberdeck

To Thine Own Self Be True: What Do Shakespeare, Gilligan’s Island, Creativity, and Faith Have to Do with Your Teaching at CUW? Pastor Steve Smith (Concordia University).

What in the World is God Doing? Rev. Dr. David Birner (Concordia University Wisconsin)

How to Integrate Faith and Learning in a Non-Theology Course. Gary Locklair (Concordia University Wisconsin)

The Marriage of Faith and Reason and the Call to the Intellectual Life. Susan Mountin (Marquette University)

Your Story: Called as Scholar, Called as Teacher. Judith Cebula (Butler University)

The Difference Gender Makes. Mary Todd (Marshall University) Recorded September 23, 2013 Link to recording

The Three Articles as a Means to Connect Faith with Learning: God the Creator, Jesus Christ Incarnate, the Holy Spirit. William Cario and Mary Korte (Concordia University Wisconsin)  

Reformation Series: Education for the Real World: Foundations of Lutheran Education. Susan Mobley, History (Concordia University Wisconsin)

The Doctrine of Vocation. G. Edward Veith (Patrick Henry College)

What Lutherans Believe: Lutheran Theology and Higher Education. William Cario and Bernard Bull (Concordia University Wisconsin)

Making Progress Towards 5.0 on Faith and Learning on Your Student Evals. Jennifer Delwiche and Dan Paavola (Concordia University Wisconsin)