CUW takes a holistic approach to reviewing and admitting high school graduates to our undergraduate programs. Below are the high school requirements of all applicants.

Academic Coursework in High School

A minimum of 16 units of high school (secondary school) work is required, of which at least 11 should be basic liberal arts areas.

Units should be distributed as follows:
  • English: At least three units, but four are strongly recommended.
  • Mathematics: Two units of college-prep math, preferably one each of Algebra and Geometry.
  • Natural Science: Two units, preferably one each in Biology, Physics, or Chemistry.
  • Social Studies: Two units, preferably one each in world history and American history.
  • Liberal Arts: Two units of the same foreign language or additional units in one or more of the other listed subjects or in fine arts.
  • Other Electives: Five units from any area of academic study, but ideally from the areas listed above. German or Latin is recommended for pre-seminary students.

Admissions Standards

We admit qualified students of any race, color, or national or ethnic origin to all programs and activities and are nondiscriminatory in the administration of our policies and programs.