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Whether you want to broaden your horizons and try something new or build upon skills and interests you already have, joining a club or organization is one of the best ways to do it. With dozens of offerings at CUW, there’s bound to be at least one group that matches your interests. If not, feel free to start one of your own!

Most of the clubs at Concordia have been chartered by the Student Government Association, which means they receive funding and are overseen by a student executive board. SGA gets its funding from the $40 Student Government Program Fee that full-time students pay. In addition to overseeing clubs, SGA works with faculty, campus ministry, and the university’s administration to represent students in all aspects of life at CUW and make sure the student voice is heard.

For information about SGA clubs, or if you’re interested in getting involved with SGA, contact members at

*Denotes SGA-chartered clubs

Church work organizations

Fine arts-related organizations

Health & fitness organizations

  • Concordia Lifting and Fitness Club*
  • Concordia University Spikeball Club*
    This club is a great opportunity to meet new people while honing skills in a fun and friendly environment. The group regularly organizes and host games that novices and veterans alike are invited to.
  • Running Club*
    Running Club is for—you guessed it—those who have a passion for running. The group invites runners of all levels to its weekly runs on campus. The club also puts together a team for the annual President’s Run, as well as another community run in the spring.
  • Falcon Fishermen*
    Set your hook and reel with fellow Concordia students and take to the water. CUW’s Fishing Club is here for all levels of fishermen, from beginners wielding Scooby-Doo fishing rods to future winners of the Bassmasters. This club gets students into the outdoors and introduces them to a variety of fishing experts, including locals, DNR officials, industry leaders, and professional fishermen.
  • Falcon Football Club*
    Calling all football fans—European football that is! Falcon Football Club hosts many different events throughout the year, including FIFA tournaments and pick-up games. Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan who watches Premier League every weekend at 6 a.m., or you’re a casual enthusiast who only watches when it’s on, Falcon Football Club is the club for you.

Multicultural organizations

Service organizations

  • Alphi Chi Honor Society*
  • Concordia Against Cancer*
    With a goal of raising awareness about all types of cancer, Concordia Against Cancer holds several fundraisers a year, including Relay for Life, which helps support outside, nationally recognized cancer organizations. The group aims to extend compassion to those who are suffering, or who have suffered, and act as a support group.
  • Comfort Dog Club*
    The club is designed to create a positive environment on campus centered on sharing Christ's love through Concordia’s two comfort dogs. The club creates programs that bring awareness to animal assisted intervention and helps students to use animals in their future professions. The club strives to “de-stress” students and help them have fun.
  • Love Your Melon*
    Love Your Melon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of finding a cure for pediatric cancer as well as making a difference in the lives of the children fighting their battles in our communities. Group members sell apparel that supports nonprofit partners searching for a cure as well as those that support families with high medical bills. They also go out into the community and provide therapeutic experiences for children to remind them that they are not fighting their battles alone.
  • Project Change
  • Volunteer Club*
    This club provides students with the unique opportunity to get involved in service both on and off campus, while making new friends along the way. Volunteer Club strives to bring members together to serve God and make a difference in the lives of others.

Special interest organizations

  • Best Buddies*
    Concordia’s chapter is one of many Best Buddies chapters throughout the world that works to create one-on-one friendships and integrate leadership for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Club members are paired with an individual with a disability and participate in fun group outings throughout the year.
  • Concordia College Republicans*
    Concordia College Republicans* – The mission of the Concordia College Republicans is to give individuals a place to share in conversation and fellowship with other students whose political values are in alignment with the Republican Party’s beliefs, ideas, and concerns. The club is an excellent opportunity for students to practice their leadership skills and engage in stimulating conversation about the current political landscape and how it pertains to Concordia students’ lives.
  • Concordia Progressive Society*
    The Concordia Progressive Society is a non-party-affiliated group that focuses on progressive thoughts and ideals. The club hosts debates and welcomes speakers of interest. All students, regardless of political affiliation, are invited to attend meetings and further discussion through the expression of their beliefs.
  • Falcon eSports*
    This club is for Concordia students interested in the expanding field of competitive online gaming. Club members have competed against colleges throughout the nation in the online game League of Legends, hosted by Riot Games. In the future, the group hopes to attract students from many more competitive games and host its own competitions on campus for all students to join.
  • Moot Court Team*
    Concordia’s Moot Court Team is a competitive legal debate club centered on constitutional issues. Participants can stretch their public speaking muscles through the art and practice of debate while getting to know others who share a common interest.

Field of study-specific organizations and initiatives