We offer caring, compassionate counseling to students, faculty, and staff in a confidential setting. If you are hurting, confused, scared, or just need someone to talk to, please reach out to us.

The easiest way to make an appointment is to contact the Student Wellness Intake/Triage Coordinator via email: StudentWellness@cuw.edu.

Our staff

Dave Enters, MS, ICSW – Counseling Center Director

Phone: 262-243-4211
Email: dave.enters@cuw.edu

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Counseling Approach: I have worked as a professional counselor for almost 40 years. During that time I worked as a Family and Marriage counselor for close to 20 years before coming to Concordia to start up our Counseling Center. I have a cognitive behavioral approach to helping others. As a called Lay Minister I enjoy integrating faith and God’s Word into the counseling process when a student desires that perspective. I believe that helping students experience God’s mercy and grace is an integral part of guiding them through the challenges and adversities that they face. I believe that I provide a safe and confidential setting in which students can anticipate making progress with their presenting concerns.

Specialty Areas: Depression, anxiety/stress management, building life skills, conflict management, faith matters

Education and Licensure:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Wisconsin
  • Concordia College – Milwaukee, Lay Ministry Certification
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, M.S. (Educational Psychology)
  • Concordia University – Wisconsin, M.S. (Student Personnel Administration)
David Enters and Zoey
Christine Jenkins, MA, LPC

Phone: 262-243-4456
Email: christine.jenkins@cuw.edu

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Bonnie Halper, LPC, SAC

Phone: 262-243-2068
Email: bonnie.halper@cuw.edu

Schedule: Monday

Mary Gonring, EdM

Phone: 262-243-2071
Email: mary.gonring@cuw.edu

Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays

Michael, Casali, PhD, LPC, LCSW

Phone: 608-843-6380
Email: Michael.Casali@cuw.edu

Counseling Approach: I have been a practicing counselor since 1992. My career has included work in public and private mental health settings, with children, adults, families, and couples. I draw on various treatment approaches, including cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapy. My work focuses on helping individuals uncover and alter unhelpful patterns that contribute to suffering and unhappiness. I see “problems” as impasses in human development and opportunities for growth, both individually and spiritually. I am also an Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Social Work and the Masters of Counseling Program at Concordia University.

Specialty Areas: Anxiety, depression, trauma, coping, life skills, emerging adulthood

Education and Licensure:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Wisconsin (3349-123)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Wisconsin (1741-125)
  • Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago, Illinois, Doctor of Philosophy, Child-Adolescent Specialization
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, Master of Science, Counselor Education
  • DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
David Enters and Zoey