Student Learning Outcome Statements

Concordia's student learning outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies, and habits of mind that our students are expected to acquire.   These outcomes highlight student learning at three levels: the overall university level, the department/major level; the core curriculum program level.  Concordia's student learning outcomes flow from our mission of helping students develop in mind, body and spirit in service to Christ in the Church and in the World.


University Wide Outcomes

Concordia University Wisconsin students will apply a biblical understanding of the world that includes truth, vocation, ethical principles, and servant leadership as they:

  • demonstrate habits of the mind, body, and spirit that are rooted in an understanding of the liberal arts (Liberal Arts);
  • demonstrate the ability to analyze and apply their discipline’s theoretical, methodological, ethical, and practical foundations (Disciplinary Thinking); and
  • demonstrate a readiness to embrace their opportunities and obligations as citizens in a complex world (Global Citizenship).


University Liberal Arts Outcome (Adobe .PDF file)



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