Minor in Athletic Coaching

Take your dedication to Christ and your love of the game to a whole new level with a minor in Athletic Coaching. Students in the Elementary/Middle School Education program can choose this minor and help youth discover the joy of Christian fellowship, both on and off the field.

Arts and Sciences

Department of Health & Human Performance

One for the Team

So many youth are involved in sports these days. Kids are often double and triple booked, as they race from sport to sport on a daily basis. What an opportunity for Christian teachers to guide and shape them! With a minor in coaching, educators can serve as mentors—teaching the art of the sport they know best, while keeping the focus firmly on Christ.

Program Overview

Do you remember that ONE coach you had, so long ago, that made a big difference in your life? Now it’s YOUR turn to step up and be that coach. God made our bodies with amazing abilities. Whether we’re spiking a volleyball or punting a football, there is always the opportunity to serve as a Christian guide and mentor through the activity of sports. Take the sport you love best, and turn it into a calling through a minor in Athletic Coaching.

What to Expect

Teach the game you love and make a lasting difference in kids’ lives. This minor is available for those students in the Elementary/Middle School Education program.

Licensure / Certifications
Leads to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction #1540 license.

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