Graduate Certificate in Bioethics

With a Graduate Certificate in Bioethics, you’ll understand how to make ethically and morally sound decisions in any field.

Arts and Sciences

Department of Philosophy

Decide ethically

If you’re involved in rehabilitative sciences, nursing, health care practice, research, administration, or litigation, then you’re on the front lines of having to deal with ethical questions surrounding health care and the human person. You have to make decisions that not only have legal implications, but also moral ones. This certificate will help you understand the ethical consequences at stake and how to respond in difficult situations.

Credits 15
Cost Per Credit $614
  • Compliance Manager
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Computer Programmer
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Program Overview

In earning this certificate, you’ll get to explore the world of moral theory, decision-making procedures in ethics, and the current literature of bioethics. Because this is an intensive, graduate-level program, you must have a bachelor’s degree. You can earn the graduate certificate in bioethics as a standalone certificate or in conjunction with a master’s or doctoral degree at CUW. Because we want this program to work with your schedule, we’ve incorporated a great deal of flexibility into the format. Our classes are offered on campus or online - so you can learn no matter where you are on the map. And because we want to accommodate your busy schedule, we’ve designed our online classes to be self-paced.

What to Expect

You’re going to begin your studies by learning to discern and critique the current competing approaches to ethics. This will give you the foundation to explore the meaning of ethics, the implications of technological advancements, and the Christian perspective on ethics. You’ll be challenged to discuss real-life circumstances including biotechnology, end-of-life issues, and conducting ethical research. All of these topics will be addressed in a way that affirms biblical truth, seriously answers objections, and provides relevant and practical knowledge to act on ethical principles. Whether you work in health care, research, or litigation, you’ll be equipped to make decisions that are not only legal, but ethically sound.


In addition to our main and online campuses, Concordia has center locations which offer accelerated undergraduate and graduate programs close to where you live and work. The Graduate Certificate in Bioethics program is available at the following:

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