Build an informed, Christ-centered response to life’s moral dilemmas

We live in an age of prolific scientific advancements. The dizzying pace at which researchers are developing biomedical technologies necessitates that we also have people who are asking the right questions: What are the moral costs of this research? At whose expense is it done? What does God’s Word have to say about it? And sometimes we might find that just because we have the technology to do something, doesn’t mean we should use it.

Program Overview

This minor will give you the philosophical and legal background to critically think through how to ethically treat and serve other human beings. You'll get to take classes like Human Dignity, Bioethical Dilemmas in Contemporary Society, Christian Caregiving, and a wide selection of electives including Environmental Ethics, Religion and Law, and Research Ethics.

With six elective credits, you have the ability to tailor your minor to fit your future career in the health professions, law, psychology, or church work. Because our program expectations include elements specific to CUW, any previous credits you have are transferred on a case-by-case basis.

What to Expect

You are going to learn to challenge the status quo. Why? Because issues like human subject research, assisted reproductive technologies, and end-of-life care demand it. You’ll learn to think ethically by first studying the human person as an immortal being designed by God. Next, you'll begin to explore the meaning of ethics, today's current culture, the implications of certain technological advancements, and proper research skills in bioethics. All of these topics will be addressed in a way that affirms biblical truth, seriously answers objections, and provides relevant and practical knowledge, enabling one to act assuredly on ethical principles.

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