Dive into the world of business research with an MBA

Master the art of conducting research to make strategic business decisions with our data-focused MBA program. Utilize cutting-edge models and analytical tools to develop and assess research for continuous improvement and innovation. Transfer 12 credits from this MBA towards our Doctor of Business Administration to elevate your research skills to the next level. 

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Program Overview

In this concentration, you’ll take four research courses (12 credits) in our DBA program. As a result, you’ll gain knowledge to be a productive researcher in your field. You’ll understand how to collect and analyze data to benefit your organization. Learning the ins and outs of scholarly research, including statistics for research, quantitative research skills, and qualitative research skills. Business decisions should be guided by a strong understanding of the qualitative and quantitative factors that guide strategy and differentiation among multiple alternatives.  While this program allows you to jumpstart your studies in the DBA program, it can also be used to improve your organization and your ability to sift through data driving the complex challenges your organization will face. This concentration will also provide you with the skills necessary to perform solid academic research intended for peer-reviewed publications.

If you’re interested in furthering your education by getting your doctorate, this concentration allows you to transfer these 12 credits into your DBA at Concordia - saving you time and money on your terminal degree.

What to Expect

Students in this concentration will join students in the DBA cohort to start to learn the basics of proper research design. In the first concentration course, students will become acquainted with university resources, technologies, policies, the dissertation research process and scholarly writing. Students will then learn the tools needed to complete the research, including statistics, quantitative research methodologies, and qualitative research methodologies.  Students will get a taste of the DBA program and be prepared to be effective researchers in their field.  Students can use these skills in their business organizations, or apply them towards a career in higher education.

This concentration will also serve you in completing your dissertation in the DBA program. The skills you learn here, will translate into the research practices you’ll be pursuing for your final project to earn your doctorate.

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