Master of Science in Computer Science

Develop skill in software development, computer science research, and information technology systems.

Arts and Sciences

Department of Computer Science

Command the world of technology through data and design

Welcome back to the innovative world of computer science. Maybe you just completed your undergraduate degree or perhaps it’s been years since you set foot in a classroom. Either way, our master’s degree in computer science is applicable to your professional development. With our program, you’ll get to learn from faculty with decades of experience in software development, computer science research, and graduate education. Their lives are dedicated to providing current professionals (aka: you) with the graduate-level education in computer science to move forward in their career.

Credits 36
Cost Per Credit $740
  • Computer Science Teacher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Operator
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Program Overview

Our aim to to help you develop into a highly proficient computer scientist. How? You’ll study how to create complex hardware and software systems, manage complex information technology (IT) systems, and lead a technical team. This graduate program builds on your undergraduate background in the field by deepening your skills and knowledge in the main areas of computer science. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be trained in problem solving, collaboration, creative design processes, professional literature, writing, presentation, and ethical practices. You’ll be prepared for professional positions in software development and other technical/design-oriented roles in computing.

What to Expect

It can be hard to adjust back to higher education after functioning in the workforce. That is why we’ve designed this graduate program with working professionals in mind. You’ll get a rigorous education that fits within your busy schedule. Each semester-long course is 6 credits and requires weekly class attendance on campus and a significant amount of independent work outside of the classroom. Typically classes are offered in the evenings or weekends.

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