Associate of Arts in Management of Criminal Justice

Our Criminal Justice Management program will equip you with valuable knowledge of how real world issues are handled.


Department of Justice and Public Policy

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Gain knowledge on the real world issues you’ll be faced with such as analyzing legal, operational, and managerial issues in the criminal justice field. By the end, you will possess the administrative knowledge to operate at every level of government: federal, state, county, and municipal.

Quick Facts

Credits 64
  • Judicial Law Clerk
  • Bailiff
  • Criminal Investigator
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Program Overview

Most of your instructors work in criminal justice, so it will be to your great advantage to learn from true professionals who work in the field to gain insider knowledge like only they have. And what’s best is your instructors will provide a Christian perspective on the criminal justice system, with courses designed to expand your foundation of the morals and ethics tested within the profession, better equipping you for the daily challenges of life on the job. Whether you’re planning a career in law enforcement management to corrections and court proceedings, you will possess the administrative knowledge to operate at every level of government: federal, state, county, and municipal.

What to Expect

As you might guess, statistics play an important role in criminal justice decision-making and research. This program will give you the ability to not just appreciate the role of statistics, but to demonstrate it. Equally important, you’ll gain the ability to recognize the value of ethics and how it applies to criminal justice professionals, as well as the ability to identify and evaluate theories for the causes of crime, and public policies that assist in the prevention of crime. This program will also give you a good sense of public-sector management techniques within the criminal justice system, plus knowledge of the dynamics and development of constitutional, criminal, and administrative law – as they pertain to the management and operations of criminal justice activities at all levels of government. By the time you earn your associate’s degree, you’ll be able to describe the roles and functions of law enforcement, corrections, and the courts in a modern democratic society. You’ll also be pretty good at communicating effectively in writing.


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