Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Management

Our Criminal Justice Management program will equip you with valuable knowledge of how real world issues are handled.


Department of Justice and Public Policy

Make a difference in your community

Not every hero wears a cape. In fact, many of them simply hang a diploma on the wall, having graduated this program. It’s a degree that could take your career in a number of different directions. Every one of them aims to help you make sure the world becomes a safer place to live and work. So if you’re ready to be ever vigilant and true – and to unleash a positive force upon your community and the world – perhaps a career in criminal justice and public policy is just the right fit. (And no one will stop you from wearing a cape if that’s what you really want to do.)

Program Overview

If you’re going to be a defender of the law, it’s probably a good idea you study up on ethics. You’ll get plenty of that in this program, taking a look at ethical decision-making by criminal justice workers. You’ll also gain an introduction to a wide variety of other topics, like criminal psychology, as well as public policy and its effect on the American court and criminal justice system. You’ll have an opportunity to understand criminal investigation processes like interviewing, crime scene analysis, and collection of evidence. (Hint: CSI: Miami had it all wrong. Now, COPS, on the other hand …) You’ll study the law as it relates to arrests, searches, and seizures by law enforcement, probation and parole officers, and corrections officials. You’ll even study the rules of evidence and courtroom procedures.

What to Expect

There may not be a bat signal at the end of this program, but you’ll be thoroughly prepared for a career in court administration, security management, custodial and community-based corrections, intelligence operations, or investigations. Or maybe you’ll be more interested in municipal, state, or federal law enforcement. Or maybe state or federal probation and parole. Who knows? You could even use this degree as a good launching point for a bid at law school! Point is, you can expect this program to help you explore the incredibly exciting study of the courts, crime causation, criminal law, public policy, and the justice system.


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