Deep readers, deep thinkers

English is one of the most versatile degrees you can pursue because the skills you’ll learn are transferable. Critical thinking, reading comprehension, writing, and communication are essential in pretty much any career field—not to mention in your personal life.

Sample Careers
  • Professional Writer
  • Publishing
  • Arts/Entertainment Non-Profits
Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $23,395.

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Program Overview

Study language, literature, and writing in Concordia’s Bachelor of Arts in English degree program. 

Concordia’s English degree program allows you to choose from two concentrations: a focus on literary analysis and a focus on writing in multiple contexts for multiple purposes. Both concentrations synthesize the value of a liberal arts education with practical skills training.

The literature concentration emphasizes skills in interpretation, analysis, and critical thinking. It is best suited for students who love reading and are interested in exploring the deepest questions for humanity. It serves as a pathway to careers in higher education, arts and entertainment industries, publishing, library science, law, politics, or mental health services.

The writing concentration most develops skills in writing, rhetorical awareness, and communication. It is best suited for students who love writing and want to express themselves and their ideas to the world. It serves as a pathway to careers in authorship, arts and entertainment industries, politics, corporate and non-profit management, content writing, technical writing, and grant writing.

Regardless of your concentration, professors will motivate you to think deeply about texts and contexts, consider them from a Christian perspective, and apply the major’s lessons in your day-to-day life.

What to Expect

English degree students will learn and engage in critical thinking, reading comprehension, qualitative analysis, interpretation, and communication skills (both written and verbal), and participate in class discussions. You will find a community founded on curiosity, exploration, empathy, and intellectual rigor. Courses focus on understanding, developing, expressing, and analyzing a wide range of ideas (both others’ and your own).

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