A passion for language

The art of language is an amazing gift from God. With our creativity and intellect, we are able to craft strings of words into memorable stories and beautiful poems. Reading and writing are, after all, two out of the three “Rs”—necessary for the most basic education. With a minor in English/Language Arts, you can elevate your teaching skills by masterfully understanding literature and wordsmithing.

Program Overview

Can’t get your nose out of a book? Good! Maybe you should teach it! As an Early Childhood Education or Elementary/Middle School Education major, you’re going to have to select a minor. We encourage you to choose a subject you have a passion for and would love to teach. For those who love the beauty of the English language—crafting with words and reading great literature—this is the perfect minor to round out your education at Concordia.

What to Expect

This minor is available for those majoring in Early Childhood Education or Elementary/Middle School Education. It is designed so that teachers-in-training who have a true love of the English language, books, and the written word, can pass that joy of English/Language Arts on to their students.

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