Healthcare in the faith community

Concordia's Faith Community Nursing Certificate is for nurses, clergy, parishioners, or anyone who works or wants to work in a congregational health ministry setting. This self-paced certificate program is fully online and can be completed in eight weeks.


Caregiving from a Christian perspective

Sample Careers
  • Parish Nurse
  • Faith Community Nurse
  • Congregational Health Ministry

100% Online, self-paced

Program Overview

Concordia University Wisconsin has been offering educational programs in congregational health ministries since 1989. Our Faith Community Nursing Certificate is offered completely online for a flexible way to learn concepts and earn certification in faith community nursing. The certificate consists of eight modules that approach nursing in the faith community from all angles. You will study Jesus' example of caregiving and service to others, learn how to use healthcare as a ministry of the Gospel, how to serve people in crisis, and how to start and run a health ministry in your own church. This program integrates a Christian caregiving framework to developing a holistic congregational health and parish nurse ministry.

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What to Expect

The Faith Community Nursing Certificate is offered fully online and consists of eight learning modules, each of which takes one week to complete. The modules include:

  1. God's Cure for Evil: God's gracious cure for sin and illness
  2. Theology of the Cross: "Why is this happening to me?"
  3. What is Faith Community Nursing: Roles and ministry
  4. Nuts and Bolts: Establishing a parish nurse ministry
  5. Intentional Care of the Spirit: Assessment - determine needs
  6. Intentional Care of the Spirit: Outcomes and interventions
  7. Application Case Study: Care plan Jane
  8. Self Care and Professional Growth

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