MBA in Finance

Learn from industry professionals and become a highly competitive candidate in the workforce by earning your MBA in Finance.


Department of Business

Stand out in the workforce

There’s always more to learn about the world of finance. That’s why we developed the MBA in Finance - to provide you with the knowledge you need to be successful. But in this program, who you learn from is just as important as what you learn. And at CUW, you’ll learn from the best: how to master the key aspects of real estate investment, securities analysis, risk management, and other essential topics within the financial field.

Program Overview

As part of the MBA in Finance program,  you’ll learn from current industry professionals – worldwide practitioner instructors – who are dedicated to leading others in their field of expertise. You’ll gain the tools necessary to make a powerful impact in a wide variety of positions within business. This program offers the benefit of flexible classes designed for working professionals and the unique perspectives that result from a diverse student body. By the time you earn your MBA, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and experience today’s employers are looking for so you can stand out in the workforce as a highly competitive candidate.

What to Expect

With an MBA in Finance, you’ll develop the skillset to make important decisions based on financial analysis and strategic thinking. You’ll know how to handle fraud and legal issues, how to manage large financial institutions, and how to treat mergers and acquisitions. You’ll even graduate with a portfolio of your work that you can show future employers to stand out from other candidates. What’s more, you’ll leave this program with the ability to communicate more clearly, lead diverse groups of people, and have confidence in your work.


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