The language of Luther

German is one of the most common languages among native speakers in Europe and a language of the world. Many of the most important works of Nobel Prize winners, authors, filmmakers, philosophers and composers are in German. The German Minor will allow you to teach in Martin Luther’s native language and more clearly impart the knowledge and wisdom of the written word.

Program Overview

In this program, you will become practiced in German discussion, writing and reading, and learn how to share it with others. You will study the great works of German literature from the 18th-20th centuries and be able to lead thoughtful conversations about these pieces. You will be able to analyze and dissect grammar and the subtlety of language to help students break down sentence structure. You will become immersed in German civilization and culture so you can add context within your school setting.

What to Expect
You will learn German conversation, composition and study grammar and literature. You will also get an appreciation of German civilization and culture. The German minor may be taken in the Elementary/Middle School Education major. It is licensable (1370). The minor includes 18 credits.

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