The language of Luther

German is one of the most common languages among native speakers in Europe and a language of the world. The Theological German Minor will allow you to read and understand Martin Luther’s native language. This minor is designed primarily for church workers, philosophy majors, history majors, psychology majors, and others, whose fields grew and were shaped by German thinkers.

Program Overview
The Theological German Minor is intended for students who want to explore the riches of the German language and be equipped to read and speak German. It is especially aimed toward those who want to pursue higher degrees in Theology, Philosophy, History and the Social Sciences, disciplines that have been greatly influenced by the German speaking world. Although this course of study will primarily prepare students to read theological and philosophical works in the German language, it will also provide students a command of both written and oral communication, which will equip them for further study here or abroad.  
What to Expect
You will learn German conversation, composition and study grammar and literature, which will equip you for further study here or abroad. The minor includes 21 credits.

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