Associate of Arts in Health Care Management

Our health care management program will help you as a current health care administrator make sure the facility you manage is well taken care of.


Department of Business

Step up in health care

Not only is it in the best interest of your patients, it’s in the best interest of your staff to have a well maintained facility. This program teaches the supervisory skills you need for proper management and administration in any system of care - be it acute, community, or long-term.

Credits 64
Cost Per Credit $512
  • Home Health Aides
  • Nurse Practitioner
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Program Overview

In this program, we hold the following to be an unequivocal truth: We’re all created by God. When you’re an individual undergoing treatment in a health care facility – whether it’s acute, community, or long-term – it means you should be treated with utmost care and dignity. That’s your role as a health care administrator. To help uphold the dignity of each of your patients. This program is a State of Wisconsin-approved “regular course of study” that will qualifying you to take the Nursing Home Administrator examination (if that’s what you want to do, of course). It will also teach you how to be an effective health care administrator, even if you don’t want to work in a nursing home.

What to Expect

There are so many intricacies to working in the field of health care. This program focuses primarily on working with others in the field of health care. It all starts with your ability to recognize every individual as a holistic being created by God – someone whose dignity, worth, and rights deserve to be respected and upheld.

This program will help you grow adept at analyzing different health care systems. You’ll grow an ability to synthesize knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and management theories as a basis for problem-solving and decision-making. You will be expected to display a willingness to work cohesively and communicate with members of the interdisciplinary health care network.

This program will equip you with the ability to evaluate research results that are applicable to your health care practice, and teach you how to create a reflective self plan for personal and professional growth. You’ll discover an ability to recognize and analyze current trends and issues related to health care management, which will help you grow throughout your career. And you’ll earn respect for diversity within the health care community – for both those who are served and the providers of care.

Licensure / Certifications
Undergraduate Certificate in Health Care Management

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