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What if we told you there was a way to get backstage access to some of the biggest acts in music and showbusiness around today? It’s possible – when you pursue a career in the hospitality and events industry. As a hospitality and event professional, you become the brains and organizational power for everything from rock concerts to business conventions. It’s an exciting and rapidly growing industry, and this program will prepare you for a fulfilling future in the business.

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  • Lodging Manager
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The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

The numbers are staggering. On average, 1.8 million meetings take place every year in the US. And of those meetings, 85% require lodging. When you factor in tourism, more than $1 trillion in revenue is generated every single year. That means a lot of people are traveling for a number of different reasons. And when they travel, they need a place to stay. It’s a growing industry, and there’s a ton of room for you to grow and really make your mark within it.

Our program allows you to pursue a variety of careers in hospitality, lodging, tourism, and event management. You’ll enjoy innovative instruction – with a curriculum that is current, engaging and challenging – to help you develop the foundational skills and character necessary to thrive in these competitive and creative industries.

We have a professional advisory board made up of industry experts, who design courses and experiences that will prepare you for your career. There’s nothing better than learning from actual industry experts. You’ll have the ability to network with and learn from professionals in hospitality, tourism and event management, as well as business people who work within the many sub-professions tied to these industries. Better still, when you display consistent professional and personal growth in the classroom, you’ll earn the opportunity to gain intensive field experience at major events, like the Rose Bowl, Final Four, Frozen Four, College World Series, COPA, and even the Super Bowl, to name a few.

What to Expect

This program allows you to pursue your dream to become a hospitality, event management, or tourism business professional through an undergraduate major or minor. You can expect courses to focus on a wide variety of topics, like critical analysis, solution development, innovation, analytics, finance, teamwork development, leadership growth, and more. It all comes to you in the form of lectures, guest speakers, academic service learning, field experience, online and social media resources, and new technologies.

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