MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learn to think outside the box and use your business know-how to turn your ideas into successful startups with an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Department of Business

Create positive change in new ways

Entrepreneurship is both a pursuit and a mindset. It requires the spirit of a self-starter and an excitement for overcoming challenges. Often, one of the best ways to learn about entrepreneurship is through action. That’s why our MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will give you real-world experience and practical knowledge that will equip you to turn your ideas into successful startups.

Credits 39
Cost Per Credit $740
  • Cheif Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Agricultural Engineer
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Program Overview

One of the most exciting parts of innovation is the opportunity to drive positive change in new and exciting ways. Our MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship will help you to do just that. You’ll learn from faculty with real-world experience and work alongside a diverse student body that will open up new points of view. You’ll also have the chance to receive free business coaching and pitch your own ideas through our CU Launch initiative. Throughout the program, our professors will engage you in topics like venture capital, intellectual property rights, and long-term planning strategy. And because we want to make this program convenient for you, our courses are offered at our main campus, our off-site locations and online. Wherever you are, this program will help you start pursuing the ideas you’re passionate about.

What to Expect

As a graduate of Concordia’s MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you’ll have a new way of thinking - an entrepreneurial mindset that will help you think outside of the box and approach problem-solving in a creative way. You’ll have the business know-how needed to pitch your ideas, create successful startups, and pursue sustainability. You’ll also leave the program with a certificate in strategic innovation, which will equip you to implement and manage a culture of innovation within your organization. What’s more, you’ll be a better leader with increased financial competence and strategic thinking skills - so you can turn your ideas into reality.

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