Earn an MBA to manage top-level decisions and strategies

Every business needs leaders and business professionals who have the ability to manage large-scale projects and diverse groups of people. In this program, you will enhance your abilities and expertise in management through relevant courses and experiential learning opportunities. You chose to take each course online or in-person to fit your learning needs and schedule. A program with true flexibility and work-life balance.

Cost Per Credit$699
Format Options

For each course, choose to take it online on your own time, via Zoom in real-time, or in-person.

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For each course, choose to take it online on your own time, via Zoom in real-time, or in-person.

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Program Overview

One of the most important skills you can bring to any business is the ability to be a leader who understands the industry, knows how to build up a team, and creatively problem-solves when challenges arise. Our MBA in Management will equip you to do just that. The program is designed with flexibility in mind so you can complete the program while working full-time. 

You will broaden your perspective as you learn from industry leaders and your fellow students in the MBA program. This concentration gives you the freedom to choose the electives you want to build an MBA in management that fits your goals, skills, and expertise. Through courses, projects, and discussions you will address emerging topics and theories to build your knowledge and make a positive impact in the world of business.

Graduate Certificate

Post-Baccalaureate students can earn a graduate certificate by selecting four courses within one of the MBA concentration areas or within the MBA core for a total of twelve credits. Students may at any time transition into the MBA degree program course of study through the standard application process.

What to Expect

Almost all successful business leaders come to a company with comprehensive knowledge of the industry, solid team-building skills, and the ability to creatively problem-solve when challenges arise. Concordia’s management MBA will equip you to do all those things and more.

As a graduate of our MBA in management program, not only will you build a portfolio to show to future employers, you’ll possess in-depth knowledge of management practices, lean systems and analysis, loss prevention and project management processes. Even more critically, you’ll have hands-on experience in applying proven project management tools and techniques at each stage of a project’s life cycle. You’ll also have the understanding of how to integrate organizational strategies while involving the parent, supplier, and sub-supplier organizations in domestic and global environments. Ultimately, you’ll come out as a stronger leader, a better communicator, and a strategic thinker.

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