Certificate in Music Therapy Equivalency

Our music therapy equivalency program gives students the chance to concurrently work towards a music therapy equivalency at Alverno College while studying music at Concordia.

Arts and Sciences

Department of Music

Promote wellness through music

You love music and you enjoy using your talents for the benefit of others. Maybe you’ve always wanted a career in music, but teaching music or performing professionally isn’t quite for you. You’re not alone. Music therapy is the musical career for those who feel called to serve in a different capacity.

Credits -
  • Music Therapist
  • Music Director
  • Occupational Therapy Aide
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Financial Aid

The average undergraduate student award is $16,603.

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Program Overview

The name kind of gives away the whole helping-people-with-music. For those of you who want a more precise definition: music therapy is the process of using music to aid changes in behavior and brain function in order to promote health and wellness. Our music therapy program is an equivalency program offered by CUW through Alverno College. What does that mean? You’ll benefit from a well-rounded liberal arts education through CUW, while studying music therapy at Alverno College. This allows you to focus on the specific courses required to become a board certified music therapist. You will follow our liberal arts music curriculum and graduate from CUW with a music therapy concentration.

A key element of your studies is learning how to work within a multidisciplinary team in medical and psychiatric hospitals, hospice, schools, and clinics. A day in your future life could involve helping Alzheimer’s patients retain memories, Parkinson’s patients improve mobilities, infants reduce their stay in the neonatal ICU, and people suffering from depression deal with their symptoms.

What to Expect

Because of our partnership with Alverno College, you’ll be assisted in securing a top internship position to gain hands-on experience and build up your resume for the future. As a CUW student, you will be exposed to and have opportunities to participate in a wide range of musical ensembles including band, orchestra, choir, and handbells. Besides the regular classes, we have many student-led musical groups and events to enjoy throughout the school year. The liberal arts music major program offers you the chance to interact with and learn from other music students outside of the music therapy program.

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