Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Administration

Learn how to lead yourself and others with our Organizational Leadership and Administration program.


Department of Business

Know yourself before you lead

A good leader has a certain level of curiosity. Curiosity about him or herself and curiosity about the people on his or her team. This program aims for a transformational educational experience that not only gives you the tools to lead confidently, but the interpersonal aptitude to lead genuinely.

Program Overview

No matter what kind of leader you are, a master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration will help you develop in mind, body, and spirit. Leadership is a process that involves setting a purpose and direction that inspires people to work together toward a shared goal. Good leaders pay attention not only to the goal, but the way it is achieved, and the pace and quality of progress your team makes on their way to meeting that goal. It’s all about upholding group unity and individual effectiveness within an ethical environment. This program has a mix of theory and practical application that allows you to reach your highest leadership potential.

What to Expect

Graduates from this program should expect to be able thrive in management positions at all levels. What’s more - graduates should also feel inspired to “live in their own skin” no matter what leadership opportunity they find themselves in. Your instructors will detail real life stories and anecdotes that bring your lessons to life. Your fellow students will come from a diverse array of backgrounds. Students in the program should expect to have their horizons expanded and their minds opened.


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